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Why Choose Wedderburn & Jacobs, P.A.?

We have over 25 years of legal experience in South Florida practicing all aspects of real estate law.

You will meet with attorney Bruce R. Jacobs. You will not meet with an associate, paralegal or assistant. Likewise, you will have complete and open access to attorney Jacobs during any portion of the case.

If we feel like we cannot assist you, we will not take on representation. Likewise, if we feel you do not need an attorney to resolve your issue, we will always advise in that manner. Mr. Jacobs is realistic and does not mince words. There are many firm’s out there that advertise that they could “save your home” and tell you all the great things they are going to do, kind of like a car salesman. At Wedderburn & Jacobs, P.A. we will clearly explain to you the current state of the law, how the facts of your case are affected by the law, the potential risks of any course of action and the likelihood of surviving a foreclosure lawsuit or obtaining a modification of your loan.

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